Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter!

Unread postby Bob Whitely » Sun Mar 27, 2016 12:44 pm

If you offend easily, you might want to skip this post, or at least remind yourself that you like me and none of us knows everything. It is not meant to offend, but to acknowledge what happened on this day back in history. And to express my feelings --I'd keep these feelings to myself, but they are too important for me to ignore.

Sure, I like candy, especially peeps and chocolate!! But Easter is rather meaningless if you set aside the far deeper implications of this special day.

Easter is by far my favorite holiday because even bigger than the gift of Jesus' birth celebrated at Christmas, was that he rose again at Easter to give us hope and a future! Okay, I know, we couldn't have Easter without Christmas, but still!

What great peace I have knowing that not only does the creator of the universe love me and desires a personal relationship with me, but he has already written the end of my story, and has good things in store for me and anyone else who turns to him!

Have a great day, all!

P.s. I've been pretty sick these past 2 weeks, so please eat a peep or three for me. If you feel like sending me peeps, that would be great too. I'll eat 'em when I'm healthy again!
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