Amethyst Setting and Kickstarter

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Amethyst Setting and Kickstarter

Unread postby Bob Whitely » Sat Oct 26, 2013 9:25 pm

You know I love mixing up genres and blending them together. Here's a neat find I'm sure some of you will recognize. It's been on the market before, but they are doing a revamp. Why I'm pointing it out now is that they have a Kickstarter up and I think it's worth backing!

No, I'm not getting a dime for telling you this, and it doesn't help Cosmothea or QT Games. In fact, Amethyst is a competitor, since they touch on some things that are in Cosmothea. But each product stands very firmly on their own, offering different experiences and such, so I'm not worried. I don't even know the guy who's doing it, so this isn't me trying to help a close friend or something. I do like to help people and I'm confident you'd get a kick out of Amethyst too! The best part of backing this project is that it has killer Rewards! Lots of fun goodies.

They only have a few days left and are pretty close to funding, but could use a hand and I'm sure many of you would enjoy cool rewards. So it's a good deal!

Check 'em out! ... gy-collide
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