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Re: Recruitment Announcements

Unread postPosted: Tue Feb 09, 2016 2:45 pm
by Bob Whitely
Good to have you on board, Steve!

Still working out some details, but here's the basics for anyone who's interested in diving into a cool adventure! See my last post for the basic theme. It's going to be interesting, so even if you can't play, you will probably want to read along!

Xanadu was just the tentative name because it is the name of a concept in the PbP and I wanted to jot something down. The official name of the PbP game is . . .

Against The Wall

System: Cosmothea Lite (Pre-Alpha Playtest using our Destiny DeckTM)
GM: Bob Whitely
Genre: Blended genre (Of course!)
Number of Players: Up to 5
Posting Requirement: Minimum 2x per week (at least once/day or two during heated exchanges (social/physical combat) unless other arrangements have been made (we all get sick, life gets in the way at times)
Starting Date: TBA, but very soon. Post interest below!

Re: Recruitment Announcements

Unread postPosted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 7:29 am
by JonBrenas
I am interested too. Main issue: I don't remember at all how to find the rules on how to create a character :oops: . I am actively searching though.

Re: Recruitment Announcements

Unread postPosted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 11:08 am
by Bob Whitely
I PM'd you about that this morning, Jon. I am creating a Pre-Alpha Playtest pdf to use instead of the online rulebooks since they are in transition during the Cosmothea 5.0 revamp, to avoid confusion during construction.

I'll get you the pdf soon! And this PbP won't officially launch till I have that in place, though I can help people with character creation before it's out the door!

Re: Recruitment Announcements

Unread postPosted: Tue May 16, 2017 12:35 pm
by Bob Whitely
It's going to be quite awhile before we run another PbP game since Epic Destinies is our next game and is under construction, but you are more than welcome to start up a game here!

As long as you keep it clean and positive (PM me first), it shouldn't be a problem. I'll even let you spread out a little. We've had other non-QT Games' PbP games running on this site before. :D

I'll let you all know when we're getting close to running a new PbP. Have a great week, all!