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Unread postby NexusX » Sun Feb 08, 2009 4:41 pm

Feel Free to post your superhero characters in this forum. You can post characters from one of my 3 super powered worlds in the Cosmothea Campaign Setting or post your superhero from Nightwing's excellent M&M: Parallel Earth Setting, or from one of your own!

Create a thread of your own. Only the player who created the Character thread should post in it. if you want to post regarding someone else's character, please do that in the Otherspace General Discussion Forum. Thanks!

Please name your thread using this format:
Campaign Setting name (and world if it matters): Character Name

So, what sorts of information should you post in your own thread? Anything you want, regarding that character, preferrably including stat block, Origin story, a picture or two (character and base), info on the character's base, hero team, etc.
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