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BATTLESTRIKE I (Parallel Earth PbP)

Unread postby NexusX » Mon Feb 09, 2009 1:03 am

Power Level: 12 (181 points)
Character Status: In Europe (Hunted by Fury and who knows who else)
Affiliation: The Outsiders

STR 18/28 (Enhanced Strength= +9 damage) Heavy Load: 300/920 lbs; Super Strength 1 = 33
DEX 16
CON 16
INT 12
WIS 12
CHA 10
Total Ability Cost: 26 points

ATTACK +10 [costs 20 points]
DEFENSE +10 [costs 20 points] +10 base = 20
Total Combat cost: 40 points

Toughness 11/10
(+3 from Con, +7 from Battlesuit protection, +1 forcefield via mother cube: 9 without Mother)
Fortitude +5
Reflex +7
Will +5
Total Saves cost = 17

Acrobatics +7
Concentration +7
Escape Artist +7
Investigate +4
Notice +9
Search +8
Stealth +7
Total Skills Cost: 9

Connected (Mother Cube-Kree Technology/computer/database so we can talk and share information Mother Cube knows about Kree and Skrull and shares info on their whereabouts using sensors and probes, etc.)
Move-By Action
Total Feats cost: 2

Hero Points: 3

Total Points (so far): 90

Corey has no powers on his own, but is bonded to Mother Cube and can only be removed via his death. Mother Cube can unfold to become a battle platform that is 5' x 5' x 8" thick. It has a central disk that stores Mother's brain and upon command, can divide a portion of itself, being made of living metal, and form both Corey's nanosuit and battlestaff or reform itself into cube shape, reabsorbing the suit and battle staff if Corey desires. He then hides it in a dimensional pocket if he's concerned someone might see it. He often keeps the suit on, except when sleeping (that's just too creepy) and commands it to change to look like street clothing. Mother Cube is neither a gadget nor a device according to the rules, it is merely an excuse or explanation for why Corey has powers.

Note: Mother Cube can be tracked easily whenever a Kree Ship is in orbit. (This may occasionally grant Corey 1 or more Hero Points based on GM's determination of the Frequency of such conditions and their goals - for that matter, does Corey or even Shield know I'm trackable? I think this rule is called Drawback or something?)

Mother Cube Related Powers Cost: 39
When Mother Cube unfolds, she looks like a floating battle platform (Hence Flight) Mother is actually an advanced alien device (Kree, but no one knows this). Corey doesn't understand anything about technology, he just knows that Mother Cube gives him advice and responds when he asks for extra power, the nanosuit and battle staff.

Power Reserve Rank: 10 Cost: 24
Power Reserve gives my 20 fluid Points to spend on up to 5 different powers*: Flight, Enhanced Strength, Super Strength, Kinetic Control or Kinetic Forcefield. Subtle: You can't detect when Mother Cube is using Power Reserve. (Cost: +1)
*3 Additional Powers Power Feat allows me to boost 5 powers total (Cost: 3)

Flight Rank 5 Cost: 11 (Cube transforms into a Battle Platform that I can stand on when fighting/flying, when not stored in cube shape)
Plus Subtle and Duration and Flaw Platform (+1 +1 -1 = +1 cost)
Even if I pass out, the cube keeps flying according to my last instructions though I can be knocked off the platform. Can only be permanently removed upon my death.

Kinetic Forcefield Rank 1 Cost: 4
(Rank 1 providing +1 bonus to Toughness Saves)
Affects Others extra adds +1 per rank to cost (I could protect 1 ally or citizen with it)
Duration extra adds +1 per rank to cost (stays on even if I pass out, once initiated)
Selective cost +1 point (I can choose what goes out and what comes in)

Nanosuit Related Powers Total cost: 48
Super Strength Rank 1 Heavy Load 1 Ton (Cost: 2)
Enhanced Strength Rank 10 (Cost: 10)
Regeneration: (Cost 7)
[Recovery Bonus Rank 4 - injured or staggered - 1 round]
[Recovery Rate Bruised or Unconscious Rank 3 - no action]
Morph Rank 1 (Cost: 1) (Suit can change to look like any type of normal clothing, but nothing else)
Quick Change (Cost: 1) (Allows me to change the nanosuit to look like normal clothes as a free action)
Protection Rank 7 (+7 Toughness + Impervious cost: 14 points)
Space Travel Rank 1 (Cost 1 point)
Immunity Rank 2 (Cost: 2 points) so that I can survive in space, not need to breath or worry about vacuum. I'd rather have more Protection, but these 2 powers fit very well and make more sense to have from the get go rather than adding them later.)
Dimensional Pocket Rank: 2 Cost: 3
Mother Cube can generate a dimensional pocket, and hide inside, along with the Battle staff and nanosuit as desired. Limit of pocket is 500 lbs (I'm saying that Mother Cube herself weighs no more than 250 at most) Non-living Matter Limit (-1 cost)

Battle Staff Related Powers: Total Cost: 8 (already paid for in suit cost)
The staff is an extension (aspect) of the suit and is made from the suit materials and can be reabsorbed into it (free action): Damage +2 for quarterstaff (10' reach) +9 (Enhanced Strength) = +11 damage
Kinetic Control Rank 4 Cost: 8 = +4 damage (Kinetic Blast Rank 4) Range Increment: 40' max range 400' (-2 per increment)

Move Object Alternate Power Feat: Cost 0 (Limitation Flaw: I can only move parts of Mother Cube.)
Counterstrike Feat (Requires ready action or Hero Point to knock an incoming attack away (energy, fists, whatever) on a successful Strength Check (to Counter the attack)

Power Cost Total: 87 points

Alter Ego: Corey Engleton (Secret Identity)
Age: 18
Location: New York (Currently in Europe)
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 168
Build: Medium
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: Caucasian
Gender: Male
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BattleStrike: Origin

Unread postby NexusX » Mon Feb 09, 2009 1:09 am

Origin of Battlestrike
When Corey was young, he lived in Rachel, Nevada with his Mother April, who worked at Little A'Le'Inn as a waitress. His stepfather, Ted, was an alcoholic and abusive to both of them. Corey, like his mother, felt trapped. She'd threatened to run off with Corey once before and he beat them both at the notion. At an early age, Corey showed remarkable ability in gymnastics, but Ted told him that only girls make it to the Olympics and started going around telling everyone his son was a sissy, so he never mentioned it again, keeping mostly to himself, and staying out of his stepfather's way.

Ted ran a towing business. One night he decided it was time Corey made himself useful and accompany him on a run. Some guy had apparently run out of gas way out in the boonies. Ted loaded up the truck with a case of beer, intent on keeping the night from being a total loss. It was growing dark and Ted, who had planned on spending the night drinking, and Corey found themselves on a dirt road somewhere, trying to find "some loser lookin' for Martians" as Ted put it. He had a part time job making fun of all the UFO fanatics that flooded into the area hoping for a peek of what was inside Area 51. He started drinking heavily and cussing up a storm about how stupid people are and was weaving and almost ran off the road a few times. Corey knew better than to offer to drive. He'd gotten his driver's license a few months before, but Ted refused to let him get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

It had been over 2 hours since they'd left, and Corey was fairly certain they were either lost or had gotten bad directions, but he knew better than to say anything. The spotted a bright flash of light, which Ted said must have been the idiot who'd broken down trying to get their attention. He started swearing out the window, shaking his fist, aiming right at the vehicle. He'd gone nuts and said, "Watch me scare the spit out of this turkey, Corey. Serves him right ruining my Friday night."

Corey wished he'd never come along for the ride and was holding on for dear life as Ted bounced his truck across the desert, dodging cactus and boulders as he roared the truck toward the light. It didn't look like headlights to Corey, but what else could it be, an alien space ship – yeah right. He couldn't wait to get out of the truck and would rather walk back than ride with Ted another mile. The ground dropped under them – they'd gone over a low embankment in the dark and Ted over corrected, swerving to miss the vehicle, whose lights suddenly vanished. Everything went black, but as far as Corey could tell, the truck rolled onto its roof, and Ted, who'd not been wearing his seat belt, went through the windshield. What happened next was sketchy.

Corey vaguely remembers crawling out of the truck, seeing Ted lying crumpled in a pool of blood, and then he collapsed in an explosion of pain – a piece of metal had gone into his leg, exposing the bone and he just now realized it, in all the chaos. He started going into shock. Blood dripped down from a wound on his head. He smelled gas and heard the gas tank spilling its contents on the desert floor. He lay on the ground, about to black out when he saw a cube-like shape a few yards away where the light had been. In the moonlight, he saw the strange cube unfold. A man stepped out of the cube – well something humanoid anyway. Everything went black. He remembers hearing a voice. "I've got you. You'll be safe now." Corey figured it must be the man from the car, but he hadn't seen the car and the voice was strangely alien – a dialect of English he'd never heard before.

He felt something attach to his chest – something cold. There was a jolt of pain, and then it was gone. The surface he found himself on was also cold – and wet, and it seemed to wash over him. He felt something inside of him moving, then nothing. He blacked out again. There was another voice too, but this one Corey remembers was inside his head.
He doesn't remember what the voice said exactly, but it was soft and feminine, though also a tad mechanical. The voice reminded him of his Mother. He was in too much pain and couldn't stay awake long enough to dwell on it.

He woke up three days later in a hospital – well, not a regular hospital. There were armed guards on the doors. He was told that he would not be going back to live with his mother as she had been charged with negligence and his father was dead. He was surprised to see his leg had already healed. There was no scar, though he walked with a limp for a time. He didn't see the cube anywhere, but strangely, sometimes when he was really quiet, he'd hear the voice again, talking to him, reassuring him that he would always be safe, and that "Cube would come when it was needed." He called it MotherCube. Several times doctors and men who were not doctors, but seemed very smart came in and questioned him about the cube. Weeks passed before he was allowed to see it again. They had it on a table. There were tools all around as if they'd been trying to hack into it. Each time they cut into it the shimmering metal surface healed the wound. More than once MotherCube asked him to take her away from here.

He'd over heard guards talking once when they thought he was asleep. Something about Nick Fury, and how he would have handled things differently. Corey had no idea who Nick Fury was, but it sounded to him like the guards had confidence in him. Having no one else to turn to, he started fixating on that name, coming to think of Nick Fury as a super man – like the fabled Captain America – someone who could help make sense of his crazy life. He asked several times if he could go home, but they said they had more tests to run and that he no longer had a home – that he was infected with some sort of nanotech virus and that if they did surgery, it was very doubtful that he would survive, The questions continued. How was he controlling the cube? How did he get inside it? What was that silvery coating he sometimes had – they finally figured out that one – a living metal suit of body armor, but they had no idea how to control the cube, which they said was somehow linked to him via the implant they found in his body.

He had no answers, though he knew he could control the cube. He discovered that early on. When he was beside the cube and was thinking about what the inside must look like, having only seen it in the dark, it immediately unfolded. The scientists encouraged him to experiment with the cube since they were at a loss as to how to control it themselves and were hoping to pick his brain for details on the technology and how they might access the cube's power array and advanced A.I. unit. One day, he stood on top of the unfolded cube, which had shaped itself like a platform and hovered a foot above the table. The scientists were convinced it was some sort of transportational device; a battle platform that somehow bonded with a living host, providing it armor and power as needed.

Living metal poured out of the central disk and covered him in silvery metal. He reached down and unclasped a rod attached to the platform and it grew into a staff. Power coursed through his suit as he thought about escaping, but he knew if he did that, he'd never find Nick Fury. As irrational as it seemed – even to him – he believed Nick Fury was his key to normality – to getting his normal life again. So he stayed.

A few weeks passed – and he was told he and the cube were being moved to a compound in New York. It would be the first time he'd ever been out of Nevada, and he was excited about getting away from all this. It wasn't normality, but it wasn't doctors prodding him and test after test, question after question. MotherCube seemed relieved as well though she wondered what would happen to them. She said that she had been made for something else, but that I would know what it is because she was created to be bonded with a great warrior and as they were bonded, Corey must be that warrior.

He didn't feel like a warrior and started to wonder who the man was that saved him, and whatever happened to him. He told no one about the man, however, worried that if they found him, they might try to dissect him like they showed in the movies. Martians – what craziness, UFO's aren't real, and yet … MotherCube was real, and it refused to talk to or obey anyone but him.

He had no idea how the cube worked other than he would desire something, and it would try to make that happen. It wasn't perfect, and it didn't always understand him, having been programmed with kree communication in mind. While it could translate English and had powerful sensors, it still had trouble now and then, so he learned to be very precise with his speech.

Once he thought about how he could sneak it away from the scientists when they'd hurt MotherCube trying to hack into its "brain". He thought hard about it. How could he hide it? MotherCube, there must be something I can do … some way to get you out of here? Hide you until I can find Nick Fury or figure out what to do." After a moment, MotherCube said, "Hide?" and the very air around the cube shimmered and distorted. A moment later, it vanished. A moment later, it reappeared and reassured him that it would only do that again when he asked. MotherCube explained that it could only do such a thing for a short time, and could only hide nonliving matter in that way – creating a dimensional space was difficult for her.

Having nothing else to do, being a virtual prisoner of the "hospital" and having no home to go to, being still a minor, he worked with MotherCube, to see the extent of his control and of its abilities. He found he could draw power from the cube into his "battlestaff", and fire bolts of hardened energy – kinetic energy the scientists said, who were monitoring everything. He wasn't sure why, but he didn't trust them, and soon stopped trying as hard, claiming the cube wasn't being responsive. He felt guilty about lying, but felt he had to learn more before he revealed just how much he was learning about MotherCube. He knew now, from their silent talks, that she was a product of Kree Science, whatever that is. He surmised that the man that had saved him – covering him with the nanoarmor – a highly advanced armor capable of regenerating its host, was a kree and had been hardbeamed from an orbiting ship, though MotherCube knew little else. Even so, she insisted that he would not have been bonded to her had he not been a great warrior. He had little doubt she was in error, but never argued the point. For once he had power – after so many years of being under his stepfather's iron yoke, it felt good to finally be able to stand up for himself. Of course that notion was also tempered by the fact that while his hosts fed and housed him and didn't harm him, he was still a prisoner. His life was still upside down. One day, MotherCube recited in perfect clarity something she recorded. It was one of the scientists that had been monitoring his interactions with MotherCube. "As far as I'm concerned, that cube is SHIELD property and with all the money we've spent on doctors for that boy, well, the way I see it, he's our property too."

Shortly after arriving in New York, he was met by none other than Nick Fury. In truth, Corey was a little disappointed, having built up Nick Fury in his mind as a modern Captain America. He realized how foolish he had been, and even began to wonder if he could trust this stranger he'd foolishly thought of as a friend. But Nick Fury treated him well, and told him that he would find an appropriate mentor to help him learn how to safely control the cube and keep from being a danger to those around him while they figure out how to heal the boy.

Within a few months, as Nick Fury suspected, Corey began to feel comfortable in his new, less strict surroundings. He was still not allowed to leave his new home yet, but was promised that would happen soon, as he was making progress with MotherCube. Recently, Nick Fury arranged for the boy to leave – to visit New York City itself, a weekend away from MotherCube and the Shield compound would do him good. At first he was nervous about leaving MotherCube behind – the A.I. had truly become a close friend, as crazy as it sounds still. And he sensed in Nick Fury, a good heart.

As they were no longer testing and prodding MotherCube, though she was still locked up, he figured it would be OK. Nick Fury, having read in his investigation of Corey's background that a gym teacher had said how obsessed Corey had been over gymnastics and then suddenly drop out of sports, citing issues at home, Nick Fury brought in a trainer, feeling bad for the boy and knowing his time with his Stepfather had damaged his self image and wanted to help build that back up and get his mind focused positively, rather than on how miserable his life had been. Over the next three years, though Nick Fury would never admit it, he came to see Corey as a son and was pleased to tell him on his 18th birthday, that he was free to go. It was an announcement that came with both excitement and sadness to both of them, though he managed to hide his emotions from the boy, being unaccustomed to outward expressions of affection and wanting to not appear weak to fellow Shield operatives.

Fury offered Corey an entry position within SHIELD, but Corey, though appreciative, said that he needed some time to join the real world and find his place in it. Corey had been placed in an apartment – a month's rent secured. Nick Fury said one thing to him, “Tell no one.” One night, alone, unable to think, he found his mind flashing over splintered images of his life. It seemed ironic to him that he felt closer to Fury than the stepfather he'd lived with for most of his life. He'd about given up that anyone actually cared for him. MotherCube had expressed affection, in her own mechanical way, but Fury was different. Fury was not a program – he seemed to truly care in a way MotherCube couldn't, though her comfort had been helpful in his early days bonded with her, and he sometimes forgot she was only a machine – a highly advanced A.I., but still only a machine.

A week later, in his new apartment, Corey sat in a chair staring at a bank statement. Only days before, he'd been wondering how he was going to pay the rent, having not heard back yet on the resumes he'd sent out. He had stopped by the bank after speaking with a neighbor who had suggested he take out a small loan until he could get on his feet. To his surprise, the bank informed him that someone had deposited $25,000 into his account - enough money to ensure he wouldn't have to stress out meeting the bills while trying to find a job. There was a note, and it read, ”Don’t tell anyone.” He had a feeling he knew who had shown this act of kindness. He'd been around Shield for three years – he knew better than to think they'd done it for him. No, that came out of Fury's own pocket – at least he was convinced that was what had happened. Something in Corey stirred within him, a desire for approval. A desire to show his gratitude for all that Fury had done. A desire to give something back, and now, with MotherCube, a newfound stability and a friend looking out for him, for the first time in his life, Corey felt at peace; He felt alive, and had something to offer. He glanced over at MotherCube and laughed. He'd bought her a giant throw pillow and set her in a corner as if she was a pet dog! They'd become very close, and while they talked often, Corey yearned for human conversation, besides, she often seemed a tad bossy, though well meaning. "You aren't going to just leave that battlestaff lying around, are you Corey?" She said. Staring at the staff he'd absently left on the bed after practicing floating on the cube in battle platform mode, an act he decided wasn't a good idea to try indoors after smashing a lamp, he thought about what he would call himself when outdoors. He really wasn't keen on the idea that the general public would look at him differently than everyone else. He didn't want them knowing he was Corey Engleton – he couldn't help that Shield knew. He'd already discovered that the armor could transform into street clothes, so having a normal public life was very appealing to him. If I'm going to go out looking like some kind of tin can warrior, I'm going to need a name. I guess BattleStrike is as good a name as any other, at least until I can think of a better one.

He yawned, stretching out on the bed, holding the battlestaff in his hands, resting on his stomach. Sleep about to claim him. I don't know what I'm doing still awake. I'm exhausted and need to get up early to look for a job. He glanced at the staff and smiled.

"What do you think, MotherCube? Who's that silvery man with the battlestaff, Mommy?" Corey said aloud, still smiling – eyes still closed. "Why that's BattleStrike, dear. He's come to thwart evil." He mumbled. "BattleStrike. Hm …" He snuggled the pillow.

MotherCube who had been quiet all this time finally answered, "Captain Marvell."

Corey stirred for a moment, speaking in his sleep. "What's that, Mother?"
"Nothing. Sleep well, Son of Kree, for a new dawn is coming and there is much yet to do."
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Re: M&M Parallel Earth: BattleStrike

Unread postby NexusX » Mon Feb 09, 2009 1:32 am

I started drawing a pic of BattleStrike one night several months ago, but never finished him and set him aside to work on other projects (I tend to work on several things at once for those of you who don't know me well). I'll post it as soon as I finish him! I sure hope he survives long enough to see his pic on this thread!

:D NexusX
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