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Unread postby Bob Whitely » Thu Mar 06, 2014 4:15 pm

So, I've been seeing some interest in the notion of setting up an online PayPal store for all things QT Games. Off the top of my head, here's what we could sell there without breaking a sweat:

Campaign Cards (Individually and as a set of 4, plus hopefully other sets in time)
Bookmarks (Perhaps at some point including new bookmarks not seen in the Kickstarter)
Cosmoverse maps both as pdf for print as well as printed on maybe cloth or canvass
11x14" gallery-quality, giclée art print of Jason Rainville's original cover painting
12x18" gallery-quality, giclée art print of Jason Rainville's original cover painting
12x18" Alternate Cover painting (This is Limited Edition stock, so we might only have a handful left as we'll never print more than 42 of these things ever, per our promise on Kickstarter to ensure backer investment - these puppies will only go up in value by keeping them limited, and it's the right thing to do. There was a typo on the description section of the Rewards on Kickstarter that said we'd make no more than 50, but we will honor what the Reward Tier says and not print more than 42 ever).
Arcane Synthesis ebook possibly
Other products QT Games makes in the future (game books, T-shirts, etc.)

What are your thoughts on an online store? There is a bit of an investment to have a store. It's not huge for a simple store, thankfully, but there is some investment. Whatever income we make would be for the purpose of helping QT Games to break even on previous expenses toward Cosmothea and expenses associated with Arcane Synthesis that the Kickstarter didn't cover (art and promotional mostly), and saving up money for more artwork! If we save up enough, we can make Arcane Synthesis a full color book!
Heck, if the store did well enough, we could save it up for publishing Divine Synthesis too!

Would you be interested in buying anything if we open a store? Do you know of anyone else you could tell that might be? Let me know. Thanks! Still gauging interest at this point. :D
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