Why hasn't my forum account been activated yet?

Awhile back, I started moving only up-to-date 5.0 threads here. Some early 5.0 threads are no longer relevant due to changes to improve the game. This game is on hold while we review it and work on Epic Destinies.

Why hasn't my forum account been activated yet?

Unread postby Bob Whitely » Tue May 10, 2016 9:40 am

We get a few spammy accounts every week like other forums do (in the old days, they used to get through and try to post stupid stuff I had to go back in and erase, but I put a stop to it).

It's extremely easy to tell if someone is trying to gain access to the forums for unethical purposes. Admin authorization is required to start posting as a means to protect our friends here from unwanted and unneeded spamming. But if you feel that you made a legitimate account and days have gone by without being approved, it could be that the IP address you are using was once used by a spammer or was flagged online for some reason as being associated with known spammers and so the account was deleted or placed on hold. Every now and then I also get so busy I haven't been able to check, so reminding me never hurts. So far, only spammers have gotten stuck, but they aren't the only ones who aren't perfect.

I apologize in advance if you've been delayed and wanted to post. My guess is it won't happen to you, only spammers, but there is an approval delay for everyone for safety purposes, but if you feel that you should have been approved as you want to legitimately participate ( :D ), then please contact me if access is delayed for more than 24 hours at info @ qtgames.com and I'll get it straightened out for you. Thanks!
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