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Re: Epic Destinies Roleplaying Game

Unread postPosted: Wed Jul 05, 2017 11:50 pm
by Bob Whitely
One of the things I've been working on this week is tweaking the Destiny Engine. It's the core resolution rules surrounding both Epic Destinies and the Cosmothea Roleplaying Game. Just some small tweaks to up the epic and rules clarity.

I'm dying to dive in and put some serious hours into the game design this week, but the bulk of my attention needs to be on The Sea of Worms book (for those who don't know, it's a very cool introduction to some neat Cosmothean characters, the nature of magic, lore and more! I'm very excited about it, too, of course!)

Anyway, I was also working a little on the combat system for Epic Destinies, specifically expanding while also simplifying a little, the kinds of activities you can do during a round and how they come about. Things are looking pretty smooth so far, but playtesting will help ensure that is the case. Well, have a great rest of the week, all. Cheers!

Re: Mental Health Track

Unread postPosted: Tue Jul 11, 2017 4:02 pm
by Bob Whitely

I revised the Mental Health Track, simplifying it and toning down the penalties for stressing out and dealing with traumatic events (there won't be many, as horror is not a major feature in the setting.) I also made it so that minor mental health conditions are not spelled out, but rather left up to role-playing. I lowered the penalties because they stack with penalties you get for injuries and if someone's had a rough time, the penalties might stack up too high. Playtesting will help defined proper numbers, so I'm not worried at this point.

Some people love digging into mental conditions (they can be quite interesting), but many don't roleplay them right anyway and some would rather not deal with real world mental issues (it might strike too close to home or make them uncomfortable), so I made it so that the system focuses more on generic penalties and offers suggestions for symptoms, rather than list mental conditions, which should be easier to roleplay anyway.

Further, I don't get specific on which conditions one might have that are represented by their symptoms, so they can keep it as generic as they'd like, or get creative (or more accurate if they want to use real world ones.) I may include a few of the really fun ones (well, fun if you didn't really have them, like DID/MPD). I like that flexibility built into the simplicity. It is minor, but sometimes less is more.

Re: Epic Destinies Roleplaying Game

Unread postPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2018 11:17 am
by Bob Whitely
Hi all,

In addition to finalizing the Sea of Worms manuscript (It's in the editor's hands currently), I've been working simultaneously on Freeze Or Burn, our first big adventure/board game for Epic Destinies. As some of you know, FOB uses the core of the Epic Destinies rules.

By necessity, the board game can't be as complicated as a tabletop rpg, but I think we're capturing the feel nicely thus far. Haven is working on it with me at times. He's very creative, too, and doesn't sugar coat his feelings on things. As he comes from a console game background, he doesn't like things complicated, but he still wants a rich experience. He believes things can be streamlined and can work without getting uber crunchy. I agree, and so far, so good!

Haven is an artist, like me and he's played both the Cosmothea rpg and D&D. He has other things on his plate, so he's not tackling the games head on like I am, but I routinely run concepts and art by him to see what he thinks. Every opinion is valuable. He's very sharp and creative, so it's been a good thing. No man is an island, after all. We can all benefit from feedback, and I'm very appreciative for his. But he's also very in tune with Toonaria (my campaign setting), and may even do some 3D for me at times, so it's been a fun time working together.

Freeze Or Burn is still exceeding all expectations and I couldn't be more excited about it or Epic Destinies! There's still a good amount of work to do and I'm working hard on putting together a prototype to start testing the mechanics. I've designed a ton of games, but am also still doing a lot of research into latest trends, industry stuff, and of course game design theory. Good stuff and looking forward to the days ahead!

Re: Epic Destinies Roleplaying Game

Unread postPosted: Tue Apr 17, 2018 3:07 pm
by Flowswithdrek
Hey Bob,

Can you tell us more about Freeze and Burn? What kind of board does it use. Is it tiles that slot together that makes a dungeon (like Warhammer Quest or Gloom Haven) or is there a map on the board like Risk, or something else entirely? What pieces will come with the game? Minis, tokens etc...

Re: Epic Destinies Roleplaying Game

Unread postPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 8:49 am
by Bob Whitely
Hi Allen. Good seeing you in this neck of the woods!

Thanks for asking about Freeze Or Burn. I made the original board game well over 30 years ago, but this is a ground up revamp. Back then it was a side view of a volcano. I really loved that it was side view, but this time around it's top view, as I can do a whole lot of interesting things with the space that way. Maybe one of these days I'll do another side view version, but I'm really liking how the game board came together.

It is a hex map displaying the volcano and surrounding region, including several small encounter areas. It's mostly focusing on the volcano itself, but adventuring around it has some interesting advantages. I had considered large hex tiles early on in the revamp (I like those and have made a game with them), but it really didn't need it, so I skipped it.

Ultimately, how fancy the pieces are depends on how well it is received on Kickstarter, and how much of a headache my research and preparation for possible minis ends up being. Minis are a wild card with many challenging issues, and are very expensive to boot, so we'll have to wait and see.

The game uses a large number of cards and stand up cardboard characters. You run a small team of heroes: Team Freeze or Team Burn. A 3-player game will include Team Magma and there is an option for a Storyteller. Lot of interesting things going on in the game and I'm quite excited. It will show off a few things from Toonaria, include part of Epic Destinies, and even features the GodStorm!

So, yeah, I'm pretty stoked, but there's still a good amount of work to do before playtesting begins.

Re: Epic Destinies Roleplaying Game

Unread postPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 9:06 am
by Bob Whitely
At this stage in the game, many things could change, of course. Currently, I have the rulebook, which is mostly done for now, but I have a ton of cards still left to do, and I've only just started the Book of Encounters. I've brainstormed a ton of ideas for the encounter book, which is a key feature in the game. Not just a series of encounters or monsters, but it helps tie everything together, and there are stories woven through it that show more of what Toonaria is. At least a taste.

The whole game is also meant to be an introduction to Toonaria and Epic Destinies, though the focus is on conquering a volcano. Perhaps that's not quite right. It's definitely a game about controlling a volcano. I'm just staying that there's definitely more going on than meets the eye. There's a lot of cool stuff happening that sheds light on Toonaria and is drawn from Epic Destinies. Heroes will adventure in and around the volcano to find what they need to fulfill their quest. So there will be exploration, adventure and combat.

Re: Epic Destinies Roleplaying Game

Unread postPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:43 am
by Bob Whitely
Hi all.

Still hard at work on Epic Destinies' first board game offering: Freeze or Burn. The board game continues to smash through all expectations. It's still under heavy construction, of course, but I'm very excited.

We took a big turn about a week ago, streamlined further, tightened up some things and connected it even more immersively within the Toonaria Campaign Setting. Totally stoked and can't wait to get the cards done and start playtesting. Trying to be patient as I fill in the gaps here and there.

I know these forums have been coffin quiet (we aren't actively seeking regular participation here, but have pulled back to focus on the bottom line), but we've been up to a lot of fun, cool stuff that will hopefully make it's way to you. That's the plan! Have an amazing week, friends!

Re: Epic Destinies Roleplaying Game

Unread postPosted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 3:28 pm
by Flowswithdrek
Keep up the good work, Bob. Can't wait to see what the game turns out like. My gaming group has split in two, now, and we have an RPG night with one group, and board games on a different night with the other. We have played so many different games, but so far Catan is the only game that everyone likes enough to play on a regular basis. Its difficult to find a game that everyone likes, I'm sure we have played over a dozen different games so far! It would be great to get Freeze or Burn on the list.