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Zumoffa the Lord of Night is hungry!
Take a stand against evil!
Midnight Guardians is a 1-4 player co-op / competitive game with a cute horror theme. You must rescue the little ones of Shady Valley from Zumoffa's slithering Wall of Pain through fast-paced, puzzly set collection!
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Thankfully, the Lord of Night can only manifest at Midnight, and due to a curse, can only consume critters while they're awake. Search for each critter's personal needs during the Day Phase and put them to bed before Zumoffa reaches them during the Night Phase.
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Thanks for joining the adventure!

Can you put the little ones to bed before Zumoffa claims them for its midnight snack?

Thanks for taking a stand against evil!

Time is Not on your side.

Every Night Phase, Zumoffa's Wall of Pain consumes another row of cards, and with it precious resources, lost treasures and most importantly, young critters.
Wall Slammin Z.png
Consuming critters empowers the wall, triggering foul powers. Zumoffa further bolsters the wall, luring critters to their doom and unleashing other powers.

Enormous metal monstrosities called "Little Horrors" stomp around in the dark caging critters, slowing you down.
Little Horror  caging critters.png
The Event Deck
Up the intensity by drawing from the Event deck, which unleashes naughty monsters and strange phenomenon that may alter reality, twist a rule, or shed further light on the secrets of Shady Valley.
Event card sample 2.png
Your guardian starts with 1 Talent Badge and earns another when you hit a Victory Point threshold.
Talent mockup small.png
Collect fantastic treasures along the way to help in your quest, or sell them for additional Action Points.
Treasure card sample small.png
Use your Action Points wisely to win. You can't rescue everyone. Who will you pick, and will you be able to meet their needs and rescue them in time? As long as you don't give up, there's always hope!

Join the ranks of the Midnight Guardians, don your uniform, and take a stand against the tide of evil. Here's your badge — good luck out there!
MG Badge.png
Cooperative Play
Use your resources carefully to ensure you have enough Victory Points to win the game by the time the Wall of Pain reaches the bottom row.

Team-based Play
The team with the most Victory Points at the end of the game wins.Competitive


Earn the most Victory Points by the end of the game to win.

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Thanks for taking a stand against evil!


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