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12/13/19: New dice design: The Harbinger D20! We are very excited about these new dice—so much so that the Harbinger has become our official dice for the Epic Destinies Roleplaying Game, Freeze Or Burn and Storm Garden. It is similar to the cool Gambler we designed earlier, but has different odds and additional icons. We can tell some pretty amazing stories with this new die and will start playtesting it shortly.


As for our fiction, we are still writing stories, but currently our focus is on getting Sea of Worms out the door! We hope all of our amazing friends have a wonderful Christmas season!


11/30/19: Crunching numbers on a relaunch of our dice (and are designing even more dice!) If all goes well, we'll do a dice-only Kickstarter early next year. We haven't stopped working on our other goodies either—we're full steam ahead.


11/25/19: Less than 32 hours left to back our Custom Dice, Art & Fiction Kickstarter. This is one you don't want to miss!

11/16/19: Only 10 days left to back our Custom Dice, Art and Fiction Kickstarter. We've blown the doors off with some really cool goodies. Don't miss it!

11/14/19: Pink Syndrome is everywhere. Find out the truth about this major Toonarian conspiracy!

11/13/2019: Q&A with Dan Davenport of Random Worlds! Dan's such a great guy and it was a pleasure doing it. You can read the transcript at The Hardboiled GMShoe's Office. Good stuff about the Cosmoverse, Toonaria and Kickstarter!


11/12/19: Check out our Kickstarter and Giveaway podcast interview with Gamer Leaf!


10/29/19: Our Custom Dice, Art and Fiction Kickstarter has launched! Check it out!


10/12/19: Mark your calendars, folks, because we've got a big event coming up on October 29th! Our Custom Dice, Art and Fiction Kickstarter launches that morning and we've got some very cool goodies for you! Here's a pre-launch link if you would like a reminder so you don't miss out!


9/24/19: Excerpt time! You can now read the first 2 chapters of The Shadow Reaper right on the site. Just click on the Books link and navigate to the book! Next chance we get, we'll put up an excerpt for Sea of Worms, coming soon to Amazon. After that, we'll put up an excerpt for Arcane Synthesis. Now, aren't you glad you stopped by? Have a great week, all!



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