We publish blended-genre fiction and games.
That means everything we make blends Science Fiction, Fantasy, and sometimes other genres, too.
Embrace the blend!




3/20/21: After much consideration and design, we've rebranded our company logo, aiming for something more clean, modern and simple, to reflect a shift in direction this year. We will be using our Cosmoverse Publishing imprint for all Cosmoverse fiction from here out, where possible, and Toonaria Publishing, as needed, but for dice and games, our new branding should serve us well!


3/18/21: Join our new Darkhold: Prelude to Apocalypse Board Game Facebook group! -Go behind the scenes on the game development, get sneek peeks of art, game components and lore! Join in the discussion or start a new one. Darkhold is set in our wonderful Toonaria universe - a monster's paradise up in Sky Ark Majestica, the mega floating island structure - got a question or something you'd like to see revealed in Darkhold? Jump on board - hope to see you there!

2/26/21: We have a lot of fun stuff happening at QT Games, as we continue to push forward with our tabletop games. Check out our Games page for more on the latest with Darkhold and Toonaria!

2/2/21: We still have a few custom dice in stock from last year's popular Overkill Kickstarter campaign. If interested in snagging some before their all gone, contact us, and we'll see what we can do.


12/24/2020: Merry Christmas, friends! We hope yours goes well, all things considered. We're almost through 2020! Check out our Kickstarter Update if you've had a tough week or year and could use an encouraging word, or if you would just like to know what we've been up to. Hang in there, my friends!

It's official! You can now pick up your 2021 Board Game Design calendars (I fixed the link), not only to keep track of online game conventions and for the inspirational quotes, but for the helpful tools included for game designers stay on track, be more efficient and forge ahead! And it includes a sneek peek at our upcoming Darkhold: Prelude to Apocalypse Board Game!

12/05/20: We just finished another prototype of Darkhold, adding nature tiles (caves, deserts, water features and forest) and refined the rules further. We look forward to another round of playtests.

11/22/20: We've been informed recently that our upcoming tabletop game: Darkhold: Prelude to Apocalypse is slated to be spotlighted in an upcoming Game Design Calendar for 2021, and we couldn't be more excited about that or about the game itself. Playtesting is rolling along nicely, with regular improvements as we test and polish!


10/31/20: We finished shipping out all of the custom dice for our Overkill Kickstarter (Oh, there's a few backers left who haven't gone to Backerkit yet, but all of the existing orders have been shipped! We are starting to get low on dice, and have no plans on reordering for quite awhile unless we get an influx of requests.


We are expecting a new shipment of Harbinger D12s soon, and have a few sets of Apocalypse Rising dice in stock. Check out our Dice page for more on our cool, custom dice!


9/4/20: We are mere days away from shipping out our Kickstarter dice. If you missed the Kickstarter, contact us and we'll see how we can help once we finish shipping out our backers' dice.


5/28/20: Looking for dice? We may still be able to take a small number of orders, but not for long. We don't have plans to open a store this year, as we are very busy on other creative fronts. Inquire at: info @ qtgames.com and we'll see what we can do!

Preorder store2.jpg

3/18/20: And it's over, or rather it's just beginning! Our Overkill Custom Dice Kickstarter finished well with 504 wonderful backers and 1026% funded, unlocking 10 amazing dice! Now to get to work prepping the art for the factory so we can get the rest of the prototypes made! We'll also be setting up a BackerKit Preorder store for both backers to finalize their orders and for those that missed the campaign!


3/14/20: Our Overkill Custom Dice Kickstarter is in high gear! We're standing at 835% Funded with 422 backers with over 600 more watchers requesting to be notified in the last 48 hours! Don't miss the chance to snag and unlock more exotic dice only from QT Games. Check it out!

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