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We're all about telling compelling stories in two universes, whether through board games, roleplaying, art or fiction. This site is divided into universes. Click on one to explore an amazing universe!


What are we up to right now? Great question! Here's a taste . . .


As a Midnight Guardian, it's up to you to rescue the little ones of Shady Valley from Zumoffa's slithering Wall of Pain in this fast-paced, puzzly, set collection game of cute horror for 1-4 players.

Status: Finalizing art playtesting Face2Face and on Tabletop Simulator

(Contact us if you would like to join us for a game!)


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We are still very excited about our Darkhold game, but Midnight Guardians will be our next Kickstarter (approx 2nd quarter 2024) and we can't wait to share it with you!

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Little Epics is an upcoming tabletop RPG, set in the Toonaria universe. The focus is on adorable monsters exploring the mysteries of Toonaria and recovering their stolen memories.

Toonaria is a wonderland of floating islands held aloft by technomagic. It is home to adorable, little monsters and dark secrets. The setting enables you to switch between engaging stories for adults and heart-warming adventures for kids.

Status: We're hard at work on the playtest packet for Little Epics, and will be releasing more and more content for the game for you to check out in the days ahead. We'll announce in the newsletter when playtesting is getting closer to launching.


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