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We're a micro publisher of blended-genre fiction
and tabletop games. That means everything we make includes science fiction, fantasy, and sometimes a blend of other genres, too. Embrace the blend!




9/4/20: We are mere days away from shipping out our Kickstarter dice. If you missed the Kickstarter, contact us and we'll see how we can help once we finish shipping out our backers' dice. Check out our Dice page for more on our cool, custom dice!


5/28/20: Looking for dice? We may still be able to take a small number of orders, but not for long. We don't have plans to open a store this year, as we are very busy on other creative fronts. Inquire at: info @ qtgames.com and we'll see what we can do!


5/27/20: Our Backerkit campaign for custom dice has ended, but we're just getting warmed up, with more fiction and games and dice in the pipeline! We released two Alpha playtest versions of Triply and Zone Racer during the campaign. If you join our newsletter, you won't miss news on opportunities to get some very cool, custom dice (and other goodies.)


5/21/20: Only 6 days left to order some amazing custom dice through our Pre-Order Store (May 27th also marks our Lockdown date for Backers.)

These dice are about to become scarce! We have no plans to open a store in 2020, but we'll be back with other great goodies and if there's still some dice left when we run another Kickstarter, we may include them, but no guarantees - and no plans for another Kickstarter this year either. Snag them at discounted prices while you can! All dice have unlocked, including the Apocalypse Rising!


5/9/20: Our custom dice Pre-Order Store is now open for a limited time! (Closes end of day May 27th!)


Miss our Kickstarter? Now's your chance to get some amazing dice you won't find anywhere else.


We have new Stretch Goals, all of which are well on their way to getting unlocked! 2 new dice have unlocked already, and we've even dropped the prices on many dice. Snag them now while you still can!

3/18/20: And it's over, or rather it's just beginning! Our Overkill Custom Dice Kickstarter finished well with 504 wonderful backers and 1026% funded, unlocking 10 amazing dice! Now to get to work prepping the art for the factory so we can get the rest of the prototypes made! We'll also be setting up a BackerKit Preorder store for both backers to finalize their orders and for those that missed the campaign!


3/14/20: Our Overkill Custom Dice Kickstarter is in high gear! We're standing at 835% Funded with 422 backers with over 600 more watchers requesting to be notified in the last 48 hours! Don't miss the chance to snag and unlock more exotic dice only from QT Games. Check it out!


2/25/20: Don't miss our Overkill Custom Dice Kickstarter - now 299% funded and still going strong! We have cool, new designs as Stretch Goals! (You can see some of them on the right.)

2/20/20: Launch Day! Our Overkill Custom Dice Kickstarter just went live! We've put together some wonderful goodies for you. Check it out!


Current Fiction Project: Formatting Sea of Worms for world-wide release! Sea of Worms is set in our Cosmoverse Campaign Setting (universe). We plan to do a Goodreads Giveaway for it in 1st Quarter 2020. Join our newsletter to make sure you never miss any important updates, art or dice sneak peeks, free fiction and more!


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Infinite possibilities.

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