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Toonaria Fun Fact #1: Most folks in Toonaria live on sky arks, mega structures that consist of a massive stack of 7 floating island chains hanging in the sky over a seemingly endless ocean. 

Toonaria Fun Fact #2: The sky arks were built by the gods in cooperation with the ancient Architects, god-like AI that continue to monitor them and us. 

Toonaria Fun Fact #3: A vast array of obelisks, powered by techno magic and prayer, hold the sky arks aloft. The obelisks were placed in chambers deep within the islands’ cores and the larger ones are guarded by powerful creatures to minimize tampering. 

Toonaria Fun Fact #4: An island’s position in the sky is also bolstered by pockets of enchanted Aethyrstone, when not overmined for its magical properties. 

Toonaria Fun Fact #5: Almost all of Sky Ark Majestica’s floating islands are fixed in their positions, presumably to avoid drifting into one another. Over the eons, a few of the islands have slipped from their position and a small number have fallen out of the sky. 

More to come . . .


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