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2/15/22: (We'll replace the pic above soon - that's an old pic. The game has been revamped since that time.)


Hi, all. We've been working like mad to prepare Darkhold: Prelude To Apocalypse for the upcoming Dice Tower West convention. We should be getting a new prototype in a few days to take to their prototype convention within a convention. Bob Whitely will be running playtests most of the day every day from March 2-6. If you get a chance to jump into a game, we'd love to play with you! Here's a link to the con. There will be scheduled games folks can reserve a seat for, and some open gaming as well. Should be a blast!


2/13/22: Darkhold Update: We've made some really solid improvements to Darkhold, streamlining the game without hurting the experience for faster onboarding and pumped up the excitement in several ways! We also added 2 new scenarios, a fast-play version that starts in the middle of the action, is a little simpler, and focuses on a GodStorm incident that turns the hug loving undead huggers into Super Huggers, more powerful and faster versions of our answer to zombies called Dark Run. The other scenario we made i another fast play version that includes more monsters and a few more options called No Turning Back. We also updated the way memories and Redd Syndrome works and updated the art (We'll show off some of the new art very soon!)


8/7/21: We are just starting a site-wide revamp, so you'll be seeing a lot of pages change and improve over the next few weeks! Until we are further along, some things may be out of place. Thanks for your patience as we strive in between everything else to make the site more useful. We think you'll like the changes and are adding a lot more content - more art and lore and better organization. Please check back. Thanks!!


8/3/21: Here's the latest screenshot from a game of Darkhold. Much more playtesting to go, but so far, so good! If you are interested in trying it out on Tabletop Simulator (TTS, available on Steam) contact Bob Whitely (bob @ qt Subject: Playtest. Thanks!!


6/18/21: We've been very hard at work at QT Games. Darkhold: Prelude To Apocalypse has really been taking off. We just finished a huge revision to it - lots of cool improvements, polish and streamlining. Can't wait to dive back into playtesting! If you are interesting in trying it out on TTS, contact Bob Whitely (info @  Subject: Playtest) and we'll get you in the mix. Thanks! For regular updates and sneak peeks, join our newsletter (monthly - it covers everything we do more generally) or our Darkhold group for even more frequent, more intimate updates on only Darkhold.)


3/18/21: Join our new Darkhold: Prelude to Apocalypse Board Game Facebook group! -Go behind the scenes on the game development, get sneek peeks of art, game components and lore! Join in the discussion or start a new one. Darkhold is set in our wonderful Toonaria universe - a monster's paradise up in Sky Ark Majestica, the mega floating island structure - got a question or something you'd like to see revealed in Darkhold? Jump on board - hope to see you there!


2/26/21: Here's a peek at Darkhold - we've been working very hard to get it onto Tabletop Simulator to extend playtesting in wider circles! It isn't quite ready to roll yet, but we're getting close! If you would like to know about the game, see more art and details, and join in on upcoming playtests, we'd love for you to join our Darkhold: Prelude to Apocalypse FB group! That way, we can stay in contact, discuss the game and keep moving forward!

2/25/21: Darkhold: Prelude to Apocalypse now has its own Facebook group. We will use that group to share art, story and progress on the game. You are welcome to join us - let's discuss Darkhold and the Toonaria universe it is set in!

2/1/21: We have an ongoing Toonaria Fun Facts series on Facebook. It has been a lot of fun, allowing you to learn more about the Toonaria universe in bite-size chunks every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Check it out!