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8/7/21: We are just starting a site-wide revamp, so you'll be seeing a lot of pages change and improve over the next few weeks! Until we are further along, some things may be out of place. Thanks for your patience as we strive in between everything else to make the site more useful. We think you'll like the changes and are adding a lot more content - more art and lore and better organization. Please check back. Thanks!!


8/3/21: Here's the latest screenshot from a game of Darkhold. Much more playtesting to go, but so far, so good! If you are interested in trying it out on Tabletop Simulator (TTS, available on Steam) contact Bob Whitely (bob @ qt Subject: Playtest. Thanks!!


6/18/21: We've been very hard at work at QT Games. Darkhold: Prelude To Apocalypse has really been taking off. We just finished a huge revision to it - lots of cool improvements, polish and streamlining. Can't wait to dive back into playtesting! If you are interesting in trying it out on TTS, contact Bob Whitely (info @  Subject: Playtest) and we'll get you in the mix. Thanks! For regular updates and sneak peeks, join our newsletter (monthly - it covers everything we do more generally) or our Darkhold group for even more frequent, more intimate updates on only Darkhold.)


3/18/21: Join our new Darkhold: Prelude to Apocalypse Board Game Facebook group! -Go behind the scenes on the game development, get sneek peeks of art, game components and lore! Join in the discussion or start a new one. Darkhold is set in our wonderful Toonaria universe - a monster's paradise up in Sky Ark Majestica, the mega floating island structure - got a question or something you'd like to see revealed in Darkhold? Jump on board - hope to see you there!


2/26/21: Here's a peek at Darkhold - we've been working very hard to get it onto Tabletop Simulator to extend playtesting in wider circles! It isn't quite ready to roll yet, but we're getting close! If you would like to know about the game, see more art and details, and join in on upcoming playtests, we'd love for you to join our Darkhold: Prelude to Apocalypse FB group! That way, we can stay in contact, discuss the game and keep moving forward!

2/25/21: Darkhold: Prelude to Apocalypse now has its own Facebook group. We will use that group to share art, story and progress on the game. You are welcome to join us - let's discuss Darkhold and the Toonaria universe it is set in!

2/1/21: We have an ongoing Toonaria Fun Facts series on Facebook. It has been a lot of fun, allowing you to learn more about the Toonaria universe in bite-size chunks every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Check it out!


12/8/2020: It's official! You can now pick up your 2021 Board Game Design calendars, not only to keep track of online game conventions and for the inspirational quotes, but for the helpful tools included for game designers stay on track, be more efficient and forge ahead! And it includes a sneek peek at our upcoming Darkhold: Prelude to Apocalypse Board Game!

12/07/20: Forgot to mention this elsewhere, but design work also continues on the Epic Destinies Roleplaying Game. We just finished revising the Light and Destiny system, which involves a character's influence in moral matters and ability to use Light Blessings as well as alter one's Destiny (expands upon the concept of Action Points with a lot of neat options to tweak the storyline and pump up the action in cool ways.) We also tweaked a few other rules and created a new character sheet for the game.


12/05/20: We just finished another prototype of Darkhold, adding nature tiles (caves, deserts, water features and forest) and refined the rules further. We look forward to another round of playtests.

10/31/20: If you are interested in joining our playtesters team, let us know and we'll contact you as we get closer to launching the team. We are currently looking into Tabletop Simulator and other options. As a playtester, you'll get your name in the rulebook and other perks (like early reveals on art, lore and more) in exchange for providing honest, useful feedback on our games.

We will also put all regular playtesters in a lottery pool to win custom dice and published versions of the games we make. Being a playtester means filling out playtest forms sharing your experiences with our games, sometimes recording a session for useful feedback —we're still nailing everything down, but the usual playtest practices for maximizing benefit of open and blind playtesting. Playtesting is a vital part of publishing great games. Interested? Contact us!


10/30/20: We are back on Darkhold and have made some really cool refinements to the game, beefing up the Memories mechanic (you start off with no memory of who or what you are and pick your race later as your memories return. Get enough memories back and you recall your talents and how to make good use of them in helping you escape the Darkhold! We've also made some other nice adjustments, including revamping player boards, refining the Conditions system and other tweaks.


10/19/20: We're wrapping up fulfillment for our Dice Kickstarter and will soon be jumping back on our latest Game design . . .


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QT Games redesigned the Harbinger D12 to up the wow factor! Awhile back, Bob was brainstorming and came up with some small, but powerful improvements to the die. It's still the same wonderful Harbinger many of you fell in love with in the Kickstarter and voted to unlock. It's still the official gaming die of QT Games (and has been incorporated in several of our tabletop games), but now it has more potential than ever before!


Rolling 3 Harbingers together leads to some very interesting odds and special effects that can be used creatively to enhance your favorite games!

Darkhold Ad.jpg

Breath. Pray. Escape! A fast-paced, sometimes cooperative horror game of survival.


Set in our Toonaria universe, Darkhold is part of a much larger storyline and is under development to be our first published game to be printed. Darkhold is still under construction, but we'll be revealing more in the days ahead. Here's the intro . . .


You have no idea how you got here, or even where here is. Nothing feels right—not the air, not the smells, not even your own body. The darkness is impenetrable and you shiver from the biting cold. What's worse, you are suffering from amnesia and can't remember your own name, much less whatever talents you possess that might otherwise help you escape. Your gear? Gone!


Red lights flicker on briefly and you realize you're in a high-tech cell. In one corner is a cup of water and bowl with unidentifiable bits of food in it. The lights go out again and your stomach overwhelms your brain for lack of food. You lunge at the bowl like an animal and consume the slop, knocking over the cup and spilling the precious water inside.


Slowly, your eyes grow accustomed to the dark and you realize someone is whispering. Then you hear a chant that grows with intensity moments before the forcefield walls of your cell vanish. The lights strobe on and off again, giving you glimpses of your cold prison and the other creatures trapped there with you. In the distance you hear cries for help. Do you ignore them and save your own skin, or take as many of them with you as you can? Though it's difficult to think, you realize the chanting is a message: Get out!

Dark Adept ad.jpg

Darkhold uses a modular, large hex game board that grows as survivors explore the  shifting, dungeon-like training center-turned-prison. Survivors attempt to bypass each room's hazards and overcome or avoid the creatures roaming the Darkhold, help less fortunate survivors, and attempt to acquire the tools and experience needed to escape.
More to come!


9/13/20: We are in the middle of packing and shipping out dice to our incredible backers. There's lots of cool things happening at QT Games. Join our newsletter to get insider information and stay up to date on cool dice, games, fiction and art from QT Games!

Below, you can find 2 of the Print And Play games we've made. They are Alpha Playtest documents, so things can and will change as we we playtest them some more and polish them up. We have designed well over 2 dozen games and continue to design more each year. The best of those we'll start sharing with you as time and our budget allows. If you want to see more cool stuff from QT Games, please spread the word. Thanks!!! — Bob W.