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We are hard at work on the Midnight Guardians game and are heading toward a June 2024 Kickstarter. (Be sure to see our page dedicated to Midnight Guardians, if you haven't! So, we're finalizing all the artwork, seeing out manufacturing quotes, editing the rulebook, consulting with a marketer, as we continue playtesting both face2face and on Tabletop Simulator. Hit us up if you'd like to give the game a spin!!

What else are we working on? Plenty! We are simultaneously working on the Little Epics Roleplaying Game and Toonaria Campaign Setting, which all of our games are set in, and we sneak time here and there to work on a bunch of other games. More to come!

Here's a peek at our Darkhold: Prelude To Apocalypse game, which we set aside as it's a big game. We'll return to it later. It's always best to go to Kickstarter first with a smaller game or two, as we build up the fan base.

We are also working on a prequel to Darkhold called Doom Cube. Lots of cool stuff in the works. Join our newsletter to stay up to date on what we're doing, see some sneak peeks, and be notified of Kickstarter launches! Thanks for visiting!

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