Toonaria is a post-apocalyptic realm of epic magic, advanced technology, superheroes, skyships, fallen gods, secret agendas, secret societies, adorable, but dangerous monsters, towering kaiju, sky pirates, and much, much more. On the surface, Toonaria probably seems like a ludicrous universe being that the heroes sometimes exhibit questionable intelligence and get into all sorts of trouble. The notion is likely further bolstered by the fact that most of its denizens are either adorable monsters or giant kaiju (as  are many of the bad guys), but it’s really so, so much more than that.

Our newsletter, blog, and website have been slowly unveiling the grittier, just below the surface events going on in that seemingly happy-go-lucky universe. Here's a sampling of one of the many off the beaten path issues that have become very much a part of daily life in Toonaria: Pink Syndrome ..





Keep an eye out for updates. We’re working hard on a few special projects that will reveal more about Toonaria. Good things are in the works  . . . (See also below, of course!)

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One vision.

Two universes.

Infinite possibilities.

For Toonaria, we wanted to focus on both smaller species, and to —ahem—a smaller degree, on much, much larger kaiju species. Both types open up an amazing number of interesting story concepts.


We have dozens of games set in the Toonaria universe, but we are only beginning to pursue publication. We currently have 2 games available as Alpha playtests for the general public, Triply and Zone Racer, both using our Harbinger dice.


Our first big board game slated for publication is Darkhold: Prelude to Apocalypse, a gritty game of survival and escape, now being playtested. Our second, is Freeze or Burn.


Adventuring in Toonaria does not feel like adventuring in any other universe for many reasons we'll slowly unpack in the days ahead. Most of the action takes place on sky arks. Each sky ark is made up of seven layers of floating island chains held aloft by mysterious obelisks, aethyrstone and the will of the gods and Architects. We’ll be focusing on a particular sky ark that includes the following seven layers from top to bottom: Xanadu, Elementara, Arcasia, Colossea, Storm Garden, Ever Dark and Zothmaru.


Toonaria is usually lighter in tone than the Cosmoverse, (hence the cuter art), but it has a grittier side, too, and surprising depth. It will appeal to both kids and adults alike. If all goes well, we'll be able to continue working on our Toonaria Campaign Setting and Epic Destinies Roleplaying Game, which is set in Toonaria. The PC core species start on either Arcasia, home of the gubblings, or Colossea, realm of the titans. Want to see more Toonarian goodness? Spread the word about this site and our books!


If you get a chance, visit Toonaria, a magical place where the moon never rises and the sun never sets. Keep an eye out on this page, as we'll be adding more content, including more art. Good stuff ahead!