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12/8/20: We still have a few dice left. We have decided to postpone opening a store for at least a year, as we are so busy on other fronts, but you can still pick up some cool dice while supplies last. Contact us if interested and we'll get you in at Backerkit!


10/31/20: We finished shipping out all of the custom dice for our Overkill Kickstarter (Oh, there's a few backers left who haven't gone to Backerkit yet, but all of the existing orders have been shipped! We are starting to get low on dice, and have no plans on reordering for quite awhile unless we get an influx of requests. We are expecting a new shipment of Harbinger D12s soon, and have a few sets of Apocalypse Rising dice in stock. Check out our Dice page for more on our cool, custom dice!


9/13/20: We are starting to pack up and ship out our Kickstarter dice this week. If you missed the Kickstarter, contact us at: Info [@] and we'll see if we can get you into the mix as soon as we ship out our backers' dice! Dice quantities are limited, so contact us asap if you are interested. We have a wide variety for a limited time. Join our newsletter to make sure you don't miss future releases of our dice, fiction and games!


Check out our recent Kickstarter for more pictures of our amazing, custom dice! The uses for some of the dice may not be immediately obvious. The docs below show some cool examples of how you can incorporate some of our more exotic dice into your tabletop experiences to up the epic!

Project Image Kick3 Overkill.jpg
Reaper Overkill Closeup.jpg
Space dice.jpg
Meet your match QT Games.jpg
harbinger art revised.jpg
Dice Summaries partial.jpg


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One vision.

Two universes.

Infinite possibilities.



Mining for Sky Arks in deep space is a complicated and dangerous process (don't even get us started about the asteroid demons we had to deal with), but it was worth it!



The Stargate D20 holds its own against the cunning iron nemesis! We knew we were no match for either, so we waited impatiently and watched from the shadows. Finally, after a staring contest that lasted two days, they both passed out, which enabled us to swoop in and cage the D20, dimension travel to our own universe, and bring it back to America. Upon arrival, our scientists went to work tirelessly reverse engineering the sentient polyhedral we are offering up in the Kickstarter launching on the 20th.



QT Games just blew the roof off of the Harbinger - wow! I was brainstorming and came up with some small, but powerful improvements to the die!!! It's still the same wonderful Harbinger many of you fell in love with in the Kickstarter and voted to unlock. It's still the official gaming die of QT Games, but now it has more potential than ever before!


Rolling 3 Harbingers together leads to some very interesting odds and special effects that can be used creatively to enhance your favorite games!




We're turning your old favorites upside down! All of the Apocalypse Rising dice can be used to generate the standard numbers, only in a cooler way!

Each slash counts as 1, each pip as 4. So a skull with 4 slashes and 4 pips would be a 20/Critical, and a skull with 1 slash and no pips would be a Fumble!

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