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Arcane Synthesis: A Blended-Genre Anthology

Publication Year: 2015

Print Length: 400 pages (7 novellas + 1 novelette)


"I found myself wanting to know what happens in the stories when I wasn't reading. To me, that alone is the mark of a good book."

 —Tris' Nook (Fiction Reviewer)


Blurb from back of book:

Eight big stories from the 31st Century: a blend of fantasy and science fiction, horror and hope, by new and established authors—different voices revealing a single, blended-genre vision.


• A homeless boy struggles to silence the voices in his head and master his burgeoning mental powers


• After bonding with a plant companion in the swamp, a naive mage finds wisdom and acceptance


• Trapped on a magic-scarred world, the descendants of a crashed mech carrier learn to live without technology


• A secret order of knights face overwhelming odds to stop a powerful being from the future


• On a world obsessed with magic, a stranded mech pilot turned private eye is hired to crack a murder case implicating technology


• A ragtag band of opportunists race to find a world-shattering weapon before their enemies


• The truth about a missing child lies in a treacherous forest harboring the Masked Man and lethal technology


• A sentient train and its exotic crew uncover a secret that threatens everything they hold dear


The Shadow Reaper

Publication Year: 2019

Print Length: 330 pages


The Shadow Reaper is a star-spanning tale of survival, doubt, and self-discovery in the 31st Century. A starship caught inside the mysterious GodStorm falls through a dimensional rift. Shortly after regaining control of the ship in orbit around an ancient ringworld, the crew faces a creature they struggle to even prove exists. Soon, that terrifying battle for survival engulfs the primitive inhabitants of the ringworld below, where a small town stands in the shadow of a dragon, and a reluctant knight must make the biggest decision of his life.

The Shadow Reaper is a smooth blend of science fiction, fantasy and horror set in the Cosmoverse, a universe where one seemingly insignificant person can change everything—not merely in one city or on one world, but perhaps even across the dimensions.

Illustrations and maps are included, as well as an overview of the Cosmoverse (the dying universe that most of our fiction is based in), and an excerpt from Voices, a novella by Bob Whitely.

Now on Amazon and worldwide. See The Shadow Reaper link in menu for an excerpt!

Sea of Worms cover _small.jpg

Sea of Worms

Publication Year: 2019

Print Length: TBA


Sea of Worms marks an important turn in the life of Mojori, a student of the arcane arts. Young “Mojo” serves a ruthless spell-dueling champion who travels the worlds going from tournament to tournament.


During his apprenticeship and schooling at the Academy of Arcane Arts, Mojo learns the secrets of magic, encounters exotic creatures and advanced technology, visits fantastic places and gets into delicate situations. He records his own epic adventure in journal format, including lore, maps and illustrations.

See Sea of Worms link in menu for an excerpt. Now on Amazon!

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