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The Cosmoverse, Toonaria's bigger, scarier twin universe is about high adventure and mystery; it’s about epic, gritty, blended-genre stories full of exploration and conspiracies.  It's a dying universe, crippled by the exploitations of active, imperfect gods and god-like AI. It’s a universe scarred by magical and technological blunders, rogue superhero "augments" and horrors from the far reaches of space and beyond. It also at times pays tribute to some of our favorite movies, with a twist.

The GodStorm took nearly everyone by surprise and swept away entire dimensions. The surviving gods are scrambling to find their place in a collapsing universe. Most mortals are preoccupied with their own troubles and are largely ignorant of the greater threats, yet even they sense the coming darkness.


The countless worlds and dimensions of the Cosmoverse are connected by a series of stargates. In fact, back in the late 70's (yes, the Cosmoverse has been around for decades, as has Toonaria), the universe was called Xanadu and then Stargate because of all the magical portals dotting the worlds. Later, the Stargate franchise popped up, so we changed the name of our universe to avoid confusion.


You can read more about the Cosmoverse and our unusual magic system in our free book, The Train Less Traveled, just for signing up for our newsletter. Most of the fiction we publish is set in the Cosmoverse, and it is always blended-genre. We can't imagine having it any other way. If you love science fiction and fantasy, be sure to check out our books. This new site's just getting started. We'll keep updating this section and the gallery with more Cosmoverse content. Thanks for visiting!



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One vision.

Two universes.

Infinite possibilities.

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