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We publish blended-genre fiction and games.
That means everything we make blends Science Fiction, Fantasy, and sometimes other genres, too.
Embrace the blend!




8/3/21: Making good progress on playtesting our Darkhold: Prelude To Apocalypse Board Game (Please contact Bob Whitely at Bob @ qtgames .com if you would like to playtest it online!) We've also started working on an animated web comic for Toonaria and as a side project (for now) we're moving forward with our Little Epics Roleplaying Game. We are so excited about these cool projects, plus our custom dice, fiction and more! Join our newsletter to stay in the loop and get sneak peeks at art, story and design!


6/18/21: We've been quite for awhile (but active at our Facebook groups QT Games and Darkhold) and we've been very hard at work. Darkhold: Prelude To Apocalypse has really been taking off. We just finished a huge revision to it - lots of cool improvements, polish and streamlining. Can't wait to dive back into playtesting! If you are interesting in trying it out on TTS, contact Bob Whitely (info @  Subject: Playtest) and we'll get you in the mix. Thanks! For regular updates and sneak peeks, join our newsletter (monthly - it covers everything we do more generally) or our Darkhold group for even more frequent, more intimate updates on only Darkhold.)

6/17/21: Our Toonaria Fun Facts posts every Monday/Wednesday/Friday on Facebook have been an exciting part of my week. Want quick and easy nuggets to read about our amazing Toonaria universe? They are free. Check 'em out!


3/20/21: After much consideration and design, we've rebranded our company logo, aiming for something more clean, modern and simple, to reflect a shift in direction this year. We will be using our Cosmoverse Publishing imprint for all Cosmoverse fiction from here out, where possible, and Toonaria Publishing, as needed, but for dice and games, our new branding should serve us well!


3/18/21: Join our new Darkhold: Prelude to Apocalypse Board Game Facebook group! -Go behind the scenes on the game development, get sneek peeks of art, game components and lore! Join in the discussion or start a new one. Darkhold is set in our wonderful Toonaria universe - a monster's paradise up in Sky Ark Majestica, the mega floating island structure - got a question or something you'd like to see revealed in Darkhold? Jump on board - hope to see you there!

2/26/21: We have a lot of fun stuff happening at QT Games, as we continue to push forward with our tabletop games. Check out our Games page for more on the latest with Darkhold and Toonaria!

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One vision.

Two universes.

Infinite possibilities.

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