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You wake up in a cold, dark cell . . .

Thanks for joining the adventure!

Encased within a hulking, Mobile Containment Vessel, mere thought is a struggle.
Your memories have been suppressed.
Are you a jawba, gubbling, moobi or roboto?
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You hear movement in the dark.
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You feel a presence outside your cell and then hear a voice — barely a whisper:
Somewhere in the dark is an elevator . . . reach it if you can, but it won't open unless you break out of that shell. Careful. They're watching you . . .

Whispers speak of a secret army being assembled to protect Toonaria from a grave threat. You've been conscripted and dumped into Darkhold, a technomagical, underground boot camp built to train you. The Warden oversees Darkhold, but he secretly serves the Dark One.
Their plans for you are far less noble.
Darkhold Topper 4.png


Break out of your shell. Overcome morphing, technomagical doors, navigate the safest path through the maze, and use access terminals to rotate, move and peek at rooms you haven't visited yet.



Darkhold offers 4 game modes: Solo, Cooperative, Free-for-all, and 2v2!

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Your flashlight won't last long. Find batteries, food and useful tools. Manage your health and resources carefully, or you'll never make it out of the maze.

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Restore your memories so you can tap your full potential. Rescue yardbirds, and get inside the elevator before the Dark One catches you!

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Darkhold is set in our Toonaria universe, the floating island setting featured in most of our games.
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Contact us to playtest Darkhold on Tabletop Simulator. We covet your feedback!


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