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Bob was just a young teen when he began envisioning the Cosmoverse and Toonaria, both of which have evolved and blossomed since then. He briefly approached game companies with a few of his early games, found no success, and moved on to design other games. Lacking a proper budget and experience, he shared his stories and a growing pile of game designs with family and friends, as he continued researching the industry and dreaming.


For many years he was encouraged by family, teachers and professors to pursue a writing career and was very prolific, writing two books, countless short stories and over two dozen games, yet still hadn't published anything. Bob eventually shared his ideas on various blogs and was known to take a clipboard everywhere he went. He was often found jotting down ideas  or doodling adorable monsters, whether at a doctor's office, DMV or sitting in his truck at traffic lights.


Winning first place in a TSR Dungeons & Dragons monster design contest, Bob went on to volunteer with WotC and then helped found a game design group while hosting a gaming forum and running game sessions set in his Cosmoverse Campaign Setting. His Cosmoverse gaming group ran for over 20 years until work and raising families slowed things way down, and Bob started looking at producing smaller, faster games for those with tight schedules like himself. It was a challenge for him, as his head was always bursting with more ideas than he knew what to do with.


After a personal and nationwide financial downturn in the US, Bob canceled production on his Cosmothea Roleplaying Game, released his team of 11 game designers, writers and artists and took a step back to consider the path ahead and to plan. He continued growing as an author, artist and game designer, and never stopped polishing and expanding his universes.


In 2014, with the encouragement of family, friends, fans and Kickstarter, Bob incorporated QT Games and published Arcane Synthesis: A Blended-Genre Anthology, based on one of Bob's universes.


While QT Games still has plans to publish roleplaying games, our current focus is on fiction and board games. Our first game release will be Freeze or Burn, a big volcano board game set in Toonaria, based on one of Bob's earliest game designs. It's being completely revamped, and we couldn't be more excited about its progress! Meanwhile, in early 2019,
QT Games will be releasing 3 books on Amazon. Finally, things are looking up!


*Blended-genre: Fantasy properly blended with science fiction and other genres is a beautiful thing, a delicious treat for the mind. Embrace the blend!


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Coming soon to Amazon:

The Shadow Reaper

Sea of Worms


One vision.

Two universes.

Infinite possibilities.

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