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Welcome to QT Games!
With a successful Kickstarter behind us for our Arcane Synthesis: A Blended-Genre Anthology, we are off and running! If you missed our Kickstarter but would like to get in on some of our great Rewards and Add-Ons, like an art print of Jason Rainville's fabulous cover painting, our colossal Cosmoverse Universe map pdf or one of the other cool goodies, contact us! We have many exciting projects in the works - good stuff ahead!
What is Cosmothea?
All of our books are set in the vast, Cosmoverse, our official Campaign Setting for the Cosmothea Blended-Genre RPG. Recently, Bob made 2 more videos that reveal more about the unusual and rich magic system of the Cosmoverse! We're just getting warmed up, folks. You're welcome to visit our forums!

Cosmothea is about high adventure and mystery; it’s about epic, blended-genre stories full of exploration and conspiracies. The Cosmoverse is our officia, Blended-Genre Campaign Setting for the Cosmothea Blended-Genre Roleplaying Game! That's the short version. Ok, let's unpack it a bit more...

The Cosmoverse is about a single, coherent story-driven universe on the verge of collapse, with active, wayward gods, powerful A.I., primitive worlds, uber high technology, magic, superheroes, real faith, a huge variety of subgenres, extensive character options and adventuring possibilities; all of these elements can be shaped by both the players and GM and are supported by a single game engine that includes layers of complexity and multiple resolution systems that you can switch on the fly: The Cosmothea Blended-Genre RPG.

Cosmothea 5.0 is being built so that players who want more complexity, can pile it on, while those that want less will be able to get their fix too. As we dig deeper into this latest version of Cosmothea, we'll provide you with many more details and more art from the game (check out the blog and our 3 icons to the left for some artwork too!) and we're running both a tabletop playtest and a PlaybyPost game (and will open up the doors for wider playtesting later).

We've spent many years developing the various iterations of Cosmothea, spending a lot of time playing the game, brainstorming, studying industry trends, talking with playtesters as well as gamers and designers from around the world (about what they like and don't like in an rpg and setting). We have begun our 5th major overhaul and are expanding both the setting and mechanics. But as few of you have heard of Cosmothea yet, we thought we'd shift our focus to revealing more about what Cosmothea is through fiction and another goody or two and then we'll hop back and finish our initial release of the game!

If we were doing this full time, we would have gotten to the marketyears ago, but one good thing that has come from taking our time, rather than ditching a game out fast like some companies have done then turn around and publish numerous editions, we're more likely to bring you something memorable, for less of your hard-earned money. Another delaying factor has been just that - we haven't had the budget for Cosmothea. We still don't, frankly, but with Kickstarter and some revamping, we may be able to finally bring some of our creations to light.

But we aren't expecting you to buy the game without knowing much about it, so you'll get a taste of it with the Arcane Synthesis anthology and other upcoming projects as we develop Cosmothea 5.0. Thanks for stopping by. Check out our forums and let us know if you have any questions or comments or would like to play. We'd love to hear from you!

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