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You can snag it now on Amazon!

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Now on Amazon!

You can snag it now on Amazon!


12/8/2020: It's official! You can now pick up your 2021 Board Game Design calendars, not only to keep track of online game conventions and for the inspirational quotes, but for the helpful tools included for game designers stay on track, be more efficient and forge ahead! And it includes a sneek peek at our upcoming Darkhold: Prelude to Apocalypse Board Game!

12/05/20: We just finished another prototype of Darkhold, adding nature tiles (caves, deserts, water features and forest) and refined the rules further. We look forward to another round of playtests.

11/23/20: We managed to recover a few things that vanished from our site mysteriously and updated some links to boot. These are trying times but we are not giving up. We are pushing forward with cool dice, great games and amazing fiction! Currently, we're playtesting a scary board game about survival and escape called:

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We're also working on a new map of the most important Toonarian Sky Ark: Majestica, both in 2D and 3D. Both will take quite awhile to complete as Majestica is a huge structure hanging in the sky with hundreds and hundreds of floating islands. We're not worrying about displaying lots of details at this point, but are painting with a bigger brush. We'll do this in stages, with an overview of the entire structure first, which is well underway, then I'll remake the Toonarian maps I made over the years, and update them for this expanded and revamped version.


Most of our focus will be on the 2D maps, but we'll also slowly be experimenting in the days ahead with sprucing up the 3D mockup we've made. Again, this will take quite a bit of time, but we're having fun and want to give you a better idea as to what a Sky Ark is (totally amazing), so we think it's worth it (and we'll post progress pictures and even videos ocassionally.) This is all in between everything else we're doing, like testing some of our board games for upcoming release!


11/22/20: 2020 has been an abysmal year for so many, with numerous hardships — not just QT Games, though we've certainly been affected significantly in several ways, but also for many of you, as we are painfully aware. Our hearts go out to those of you who were impacted and continue to be by the pandemic. Hang in there, friends.

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