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9/23/19: We're getting very close to launching a Kickstarter for our custom dice, art and fiction! We're also formatting Sea of Worms for Amazon. Join our newsletter/mailing list to ensure you never miss out on anything (and snag some free fiction while you're at it!


7/31/19: The Shadow Reaper has landed! You can find it on a super introductory sale for a limited time on Amazon (both Kindle and paperback) and in many stores (iBooks coming soon!) Hopefully, some brick and mortars, libraries and other locales around the world will pick it up before long, as we have released it on numerous fronts. Good stuff—don't miss it!

7/26/19: Just a few more days of waiting and then The Shadow Reaper will be released worldwide!  (iBooks might take a few days longer.) But you can pre-order it today, and if you like a blend of science fiction and fantasy, if you like tales of survival and horror with a twist, I think you're going to love this one! What's next? We have a cool Kickstarter coming up for custom RPG dice, art and fiction!

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Arcane Synthesis

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One vision.

Two universes.

Infinite possibilities.


7/15/19: The Shadow Reaper is up for pre-order on Amazon and will be launched worldwide 7/31! Sea of Worms is completely done, except for formatting, so it will be up on Amazon next. Then we'll reformat Arcane Synthesis and put it up, hopefully by the end of the year. Life is good!


6/25/19: Just a few days left to ENTER our Goodreads Giveaway for a free paperback copy of The Shadow Reaper. Want to make sure you snag a copy of this scifi-fantasy-horror blend?
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6/6/19: It's on! Enter for a chance to win The Shadow Reaper before it hits the shelves!


6/4/19: In 2 days we'll be launching our Goodreads giveaway for 10 free paperbacks of The Shadow Reaper before the official release at the end of July! Keep an eye out, and if you want to read some great fiction that blends together science fiction, fantasy and horror, be sure to check out the contest to win a free, signed copy of the book!


6/1/19: Oh, no! Bob's been so busy with his writing and book launch that he totally forgot to celebrate the 40th anniversary of both the Cosmoverse and Toonaria! Hard to believe it's been 4 decades! We have to do something! So, Bob and some of his friends are brainstorming some ways to celebrate before the 41st Anniversary gets here very soon!


5/25/19: Our contest went great! We made many new friends, gave away some books and other prizes, and are looking forward to our next big event as we lead up to the July 31st release of The Shadow Reaper on Amazon!

5/19/19:  Got a contest going. You really don't want to miss it, but you'll have to act fast. It ends 5/22/19 at Noon, if not sooner. What's it all about? Great question. Simply sign up for our Newsletter above and give feedback on our Facebook Page (details in the newsletter.) We have 1 winner already and 2 more to go—you can be one of them!


Only the fastest 3 will win, but even if you don't, you still snag a free eBook just for subscribing to the newsletter, so honestly everyone's a winner here! And here's the promo we posted on Facebook:

2/17/19:  We're continuing to make progress on our Freeze Or Burn Board Game, including adding new scenarios and events. While it's very challenging to make any game great and we're still doing a lot of heavy lifting as we flesh out the Book of Mysteries and ensure the game does a good job of spotlighting Toonarian concepts, we're delighted with what we've accomplished thus far.

And, we've made progress on preparing Arcane Synthesis and The Shadow Reaper novels for moving over to Amazon. We're only on some smaller fiction sites now, with just Arcane Synthesis. Spread the word and let's get some more great fiction and games to the market!


1/12/19:  A new year full of new opportunities! We're working on some very cool, creative projects for you. Snag some free fiction and stay up-to-date on everything QT Games by joining our newsletter (link above).

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12/6/18:  Progress is going well on Freeze or Burn. Be sure to check out our "What is?" links to the right, as we keep updating them with exciting content to give you a taste of what we're cooking up. See our gallery and check back --there's more to come!


10/26/18:  Our new site is here! Oh, websites are never really finished. We'll keep updating it, providing more content.


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